Taking A Luxurious Look At Trump’s Mar-A-Lago

Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, or as he is known thanks to his ex-wife, “The Donald” is known for his penchant for the opulent. Whether it’s his New York penthouse that boasts of gold-plated everything, he has extended his glamorous hospitality to Palm Beach, Florida’s most expensive real estate – Mar-a-Lago. Here are some facts about this club that you probably won’t find anywhere else, unless it is another real estate project owned by Trump himself…

Mar-a-lago Club, Palm Beach, Florida

Aerial view of Mar-a-lago Club, Palm Beach, Florida

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Mar-a-lago is the only private club in the whole world to win the 6 Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. From this, you can guess that its services, amenities and ambience are a cut above the rest.

Donald Trump purchased the Mar-a-lago in as early as the 1980s and used it for a long time as a private residence. It was only in 1995 that he converted into a luxury resort for the public.

Mar-a-lago in Spanish literally means Sea to Lake. It currently has 126 rooms and includes private quarters for the Trump family. The club has on offer a number of world-class amenities, inclusive of – tennis courts, professionally manicured gardens, luxurious spas, trendy fitness center, fine dining, indoor and outdoor pools that face the sea. The club also offers services for wedding and other high-end celebrations.

Mar-a-lago Club

An interior look at Trump’s Mar-a-lago Club

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As is well known, Donald Trump is a big fan of gold – even his combover is a perfect example of his fetish for gold! The ballrooms and other spots at the club are lined with gold leaf that is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sinks and faucets in the women’s bathrooms are gold plated and trimmed with golden sparkle.

So, what would it cost you to be a part of the exclusive Mar-a-lago club at Palm Beach, Florida? Well, there’s a non-refundable fee of just $100,000 and an annual due fee of $14,000 NBD. And whether you’re vegan, on a liquid diet or love your steak, you still got to pay $2,000 a year for their food.

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