How Mini Golf Courses Make The Sport Fun

Since it’s inception in the 1800s, mini golf has gathered a wide following and is ideal for golf practice and entertainment. Today, there are thousands of exotic obstacle golf obstacles and indoor mini golf courses everywhere

Fun fact

Did you know that the first miniature golf course can found (or rather is located) at the Ladies’ Putting Club in St. Andrews? It was built in 1867 for women since back then it was considered inappropriate for a lady to take a full swing at a golf ball.

Practice, practice, practice

Playing in a mini golf course is bound to improve your game. As a matter of fact, there are mini golf associations like the WMF (World mini golf federation) and the EMG (European mini golf federation which hold tournaments all year round with participants coming from all walks of life.

80 years and still counting

The first documented mini golf tournament was held at the Lookout Mountain in Tennessee. It was graced by more than 200 participants from 30 different states. 80 years on, miniature golf tournaments still attracts a big crowd maybe because it can be played all year around in a climate-controlled environment.

If you are an amateur making your way up the ranks then playing mini golf can be of great help. How so? Well, the typical course allows for more elaborate obstacles like water features over synthetic putting greens. The course is designed to test your ability regardless of whether you’re a novice or a pro.

Have fun

Some courses feature a monster theme (they glow in the dark) to make the game even more fun. These are a fan-favorite. These golf courses supply you with novelty golf balls, putters, pencils, and scorecards for recording your progress and score. Kids and adults alike can enjoy a game.