4 Tips for Planning a Dream Golf Vacation with Your Family

Dream Golf Vacation

Travelling with your children can be a great bonding experience for both the parent and child. But how does this change if you are a keen golfer? You can go on a golf holiday with your family for some quality time on the greens with your spouse and kids.


Do look for a resort with lots of amenities

While you might be on a family golf vacation and all you want to do is play golf and lounge by the poolside, you need to think about climatic changes like rainy weather. Resorts that are very golf-centric will not have other (possibly indoor) things for kids to do. Choose a place which offers a variety of amenities to keep everyone entertained, come
rain or shine.

Do stay at golfing resorts with plenty of playing levels

If you are on a family golf holiday, you may very well want to involve your children and share your passion for the sport with them. A golf resort that includes junior golf or better yet, golfing lessons for kids can be the ideal spot for a family golf vacation. If your children already play the sport, be on the lookout for places that offer various tee locations or courses of varying difficulty.

Don’t arrive early

You may be super excited about your golf vacation and want to start early but you will be in for an unpleasant surprise when the hotel informs you that the room is not vacant. Starting your golf holiday with kids sitting on suitcases in the hotel lobby is not a fun thing at all.

Don’t forget to check for local attractions

While dad (or mom) is hitting the links, the remaining party can very well go around the city. Keep track of the family-friendly events, local festivals and other activities you do with your children. Public spaces like national parks and other such attractions are sure to keep kids happy.

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