15 Strangest Golf Courses Built Around the World

The game of golf is arousing quite a bit of curiosity around the world. A lot of people these days prefer to take on a short golf holiday. For all the golf lover’s here a list of the strangest golf courses around the world. These are undoubtedly built in the most weird locations you can ever find a golf course in or even think of playing at such locations.

1. Prison View Golf Course, Angola Louisiana

Located in the grounds of Louisiana State Penitentiary, it is a strict and rigid golf course. There is strict checking of vehicles, ground rules and regulations should be followed or your play can be suspended anytime and you need to book your sessions before 48 hours. There are many strange rules of the golf course which will leave you by shock but you have to abide them.


2. Don Mueang International airport,Bangkok

This Bangkok airport golf course is similar to any other airport but to our surprise it has a 18-hole golf course between two busy run-ways. You can use your spare time between flights by playing at the Bangkok golf course.


3. Merapi Golf Course,Indonesia

Counted as the world’s hottest golf grounds, Merapi Golf Course in Indonesia is situated on the banks of an active Mount Merapi volcano. This is one of the most dangerously beautiful places on earth to experience golf thrills. The actively evolving volcano distant form the golf course makes playing at this golf course a freaky experience.


4. Uummannaq, Greenland

A home to icebergs, this golf course in Greenland has temperatures sinking to minus 20 degrees Celsius. The golf players here use colorful golf balls to complement the white golf course. Playing at the world’s coldest golf courses, worth a try!


5. Nullarbor Links Golf Course, Southern Australia

Playing at this spectacular long golf course of about 848 miles, you will definitely need some strength. When you have to play at Nullarbor Links golf course in southern Australia where probably each golf- hole is located in a different town. You should be prepared for a good golfing trip around the city playing at the world’s longest golf course.


6. Legend Golf & Safari resort, Boslved, South Africa

If you are on a golf holiday in South Africa, you have to visit the Legend Golf & Safari resort . This  golf course appears like a green shaped African continent when targeted from a helicopter as the 19th hole is on top of Hanglip Mountain, about 1,200 feet above your target.


7. Royal Thimphu golf club, Bhutan

Located in a small country of Bhutan this golf course offers some breathtaking views of the Himalayas. The scenic beauty and culture adds to your golfing experience.


8. Furance Creek Golf Course, Death Valley, California

Situated in an unlikely location like Death Valley, 214 feet below the sea level and temperatures going to about 134 degrees which is the highest-ever recorded in the Western hemisphere. The nights are comparatively cool and dry with temperate variations in three digits. This strange golf course is like death trap.


9. Kabul Golf club, Qargha, Afghanistan

It takes more than some courage and guts to play at this ghostly green-less golf course. Mohammad Afzal Abdul fought hard to keep this 9- hole golf course intact. With war prevailing around him, Abdul stood by on keeping the ground open for the brave.


10. Korean Demilitarised Zone

This is probably the only golf course where the players have to be armed and well equipped with weapons. While guarding the borders between North and South Korea the U.S army allows it troops to relax over golfing session in between.


11. Pyongyang Golf Course

This par-72 course is the most  exclusive and easiest golf course in the world .When Kim Jong Il can  shoot a 38 with a record 11 aces during a round then you can definitely do much better. This golf course even host events for amateur’s.


12. Nudist golf course

For people who are carefree and up for some excitement, you should visit Nudist golf course. La Jenny Naturist golf club in France has a special facility- you can play nude.

13. Hans Merensky, Phalaborwa

Have you ever thought of playing golf around the wild? Kruger National Park offers you to play golf around the wild animals. You will also find remains of animals and fresh blood stains in the area. Be careful while playing golf here, there is someone always watching you!


14.  Green Zone or Tornio Golf Club

The only golf course located between two countries Finland and Sweden. Green Zone or Tornio Golf Club having 9-holes each, offers 24×7 playtime as sun never sets here.


15. Brickyard Crossing, Indianapolis,Indiana

This golf course is more convenient for a rider than one walking. The layout of the golf course is within the oval of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and thus becomes a rider friendly ground.

Caution: Maintain your speed limit.


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