10 Theme Mini Golf Courses You Should Check Out in the US


More and more people are adopting golf as a pastime activity. This has led to the development of a host of mini golf courses. These feature innovative themes that include moving obstacles and other quirky touches.

We have handpicked the 10 best miniature golf courses around the US, that you need to try at least once!

1. Wild Abyss Mini Golf, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin


These are 3 black-light mini golf courses located at Wilderness Resort Locations and are a nice place for family fun. The courses provide 3-D glasses and feature 3-D elements. The three choices include the Wild Buccaneer (housed at the Wilderness Hotel), the Wild Abyss Course (also at the Wilderness Hotel) or the Big Fish Course (housed at Wilderness on the Lake).

2. PAR-KING, Lincolnshire, Illinois


This is an 18-hole golf course definitely ranks high as an unusual golf course, as the 75,000-square-foot complex is home to a Super Looper hole that is roller-coater-like, a Statue of Liberty, and a model of Willis Tower in Chicago that is 15 ft. high and includes an elevator for the golf ball. Players must be at least 48 inches in height to tackle the moving obstacles.

3. Around the World in 18 Holes, Lake George, New Yorkaround-the-world-napoleon

This mini golf course is the brainchild of Harry Horn. Among the features of the course include a giant sombrero, a life-sized lobster and various other items that are an inspiration from the world travels of Horn. Visitors to the course can also enjoy batting cages and ice cream.

4. Molten Mountain, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 


This is a unique golf course as the visitors get to experience volcanic eruptions as they make their way through the 18- or 36-hole golf course. The 18-hole golf course is air conditioned and is located within the volcano itself. It also features mini volcanoes, caverns and more.  

5. Lexington Ice Center, Lexington, Kentucky


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This facility features three 18-hole courses that have biblical-themed elements. The elements, derived from the Old and New Testament, include the Garden of Eden, Mount Sinai and Jonah and the Whale.

6. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Mini Golf, Tennessee


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These mini golf course, located in Gatlinburg and Sevierville in Tennessee, offers two unique courses to its visitors. The Davy Crockett-themed park is home to cartoon-like creatures as well as various interactive displays. Over at Sevierville, one is treated to a host of pig decorations as they play at the Old MacDonald’s Farm-themed course. Visitors win free games if they successfully score a hole-in-one.

7. Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf, Orlando, Florida


The two 18-hole courses located in Disney World promise family-friendly adventure. The first courses feature a set of challenges and are designed for young golfers. Among the decorations include hippos wearing tutus, marching broomsticks and dancing ostriches. The second course features additional tricks for a more difficult experience.

8. King Putt Entertainment Center, Henderson, Nevada


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The center of the mini golf course features a pizza kitchen, laser tag, an arcade and most importantly, the most sophisticated mini-golf course in the country. The course utilizes an Egyptian theme. The 18-hole course makes use of sensors and interactive objects that make the black-light golf experience even better.

9. Perils of the Lost Jungle, Herndon, Virginia


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This mini golf course treats its visitors to a host of cool features, from animatronics to smoke machines and other awesome special effects. The 18-hole golf course is inspired by adventure movies and is part of Virginia’s Woody Golf Range.

10. Urban Putt, San Francisco, California


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This is California’s first indoor mini-golf course. It is the only one of its kind in the city. The experience includes high-quality food and drink, as well as high-tech golfing. The course is housed in a Victorian building.