8 Difficult Mini Golf Courses You Have to Play Atleast Once


Are you a golf player looking for a good miniature golf course in the United States? Worry no more. The United States has some game miniatures available for all your golfing activities at very considerate prices. The United States miniature golf courses caters for both individuals playing in a competition arena and families willing to spend their holiday on a golf course. Here are challenging mini golf courses you need to try out at least once:

The Urban Putt, San Francisco


Urban Putt is a San Francisco-based miniature golf course which offers golfing services to the people of San Francisco and tourist enthusiasts. Urban Putt was developed by Steve Fox who was a masterpiece of mini-golf parties in his personal home before preparing the golf course. Urban Putt comprises of 14 holes which were designed and put into place by different artists. One of the Urban Putts miniature golf course displays an arcade game whereas the second features the BRIO board game. The third one is a submarine inspired hole where a player uses gadgets to distract the opponent moves. According to Steve Fox, the final course hole imposes a lot of challenges to the players.

Hawaiian Rumble Golf course, South Carolina

Hawaiian Rumble Golf course is one of the tourist destination sites which are located in North Myrtle Beach. Hawaiian Rumble is an 18-hole course which hosts the twelve-round Master’s miniature golf tournament on an annual basis. The Hawaiian Rumble comprises of the traditional golf obstacles and sidelined by a volcano which occasionally erupts. According to the game masters who have been in Hawaiian Rumble, hole 16 gets considered as the most difficult hole on the golf course.

Fairways at Fantasia Gardens, Florida


Fairways at Fantasia Gardens are a miniature golf course based in Orlando, Florida. Fairways at Fantasia Gardens lack bumpers, a scenario which keeps the ball in play. While golfing in Fairways at Fantasia Gardens, experience acts as a necessary prerequisite. Cody Norman, one of the golfing enthusiasts, Fantasia Gardens miniature golf course is one of the hardest parts of the whole game as the hole comprises of a sharp curve that requires visionary navigation.

Golf Gardens Miniature Golf, California

Golf Gardens Miniature Golf is a Catalina Island-based miniature golf course which consists of 18-holes. Golf Gardens golf course is characterized by multitier holes and sharp angles, where hole two is considered as the most difficult hole. To complete golf gardens18-hole course, one has to hit the ball a bit hard for it to reach the other green side.

Hidden Valley, Texas

Hidden Valley is a Lakeside, Texas-based miniature golf course that comprises of an 18-hole course. Hidden Valley golf course is characterized by greens and multitier holes, a scenario that requires a player to have a sharp navigation. Hidden Valley is owned by Toni Cowden, a tycoon who has been in the industry for an extended period. According to Cowden, the fifteenth hole tends to be the difficult hole on the golf course.

Par-King, Illinois golf course


Par-King is a miniature golf course which is based in Lincolnshire, Illinois. A par-king miniature golf course comprises of three levels which include the Downhill Racer, Complex Contraption, and the Old Mill. The Downhill Racer requires one to have an uphill putt to hit the center. In this level, the shot pace is very critical. The second one is the Par-Kings recently introduced holes which are commonly referred to as the complicated contraption. The contraption contains an elevator and steel spirals which enhance the smooth play of the ball. According to Boznos, the Old Mill is the most difficult hole. In his liberation, Boznos implied that tournaments won get lost in this hole. To win this hole, one needs a high level of pace and accuracy.

Traveler’s Quest Adventure Golf, Skokie, Illinois

Traveler’s Quest miniature golf course is an Illinois-based golf course which is characterized by water traps and funneled holes. The Quest is also characterized by greens featuring two holes, where a player has a chance to choose from one of the holes. The 17th hole is considered as the challenging hole in this miniature golf course. To complete the challenge without encountering difficulties, hit the ball under a giant fiberglass elephant to reach the hole. Also, hit the ball uphill to finish the challenge easily.

Aloha Falls Miniature Golf, Illinois


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Aloha Falls Miniature Golf is a Libertyville, Illinois-based miniature golf course which comprises of 18 holes. Aloha Falls is characterized by a cascading waterfall and bridges. Aloha Falls Miniature golf course is owned by Ryan Tracy, who implies that the most difficult hole on the golf course is the twelfth hole. To finish Aloha Falls Miniature golf course, hit the ball too soft so that it swiftly falls into the water hazard basket.